Shower Room Cleaning Program

40% Faster
Delivery System

The Froamer
Foaming, Roaming Cleaning Cart
Mobile cart with a 3-way dilution control proportioner automatically dilutes and applies scum-busting degreaser and disinfectant to any water safe surface Simply slide the valve to choose one of three dispensing methods.
3-Step Complete Program — Foam, Rinse & Disinfect.
Designed for shower and restroom cleaning/disinfecting. Usually saves 40 to 50% of the time to clean an area. Industrial tough, the 4-way sprayer is attached to 25 feet of heavy-duty hose. Cleans up to 50 linear feet without moving mobile cart. Also includes chemical storage trays plus handy clip-on cart card in English and Spanish.
Saves Labor 5 Ways
Eliminates mixing time/labor, spraying labor, mopping labor, bucket moving time and scrubbing labor.
Chemical Savings
Eliminates chemical waste, accurately dilutes cleaners.

No-Touch Cleaning

Simply foam on degreaser, wait, rinse and then spray disinfectant.   Eliminates time wasting mops and trigger sprayers. Reaches all areas easily — walls, floors, partitions, fixtures, behind fixtures, etc.

Promotes Cleaner, Odor-Free Shower & Restrooms

No-Motor Dispenser

Water-powered — simply hook to water supply and clean.

No Motors to Break Down

Simpler Training
 Picture-based icons guide the user through the three step process. English on one side, Spanish on the other. On cart, on Jobsite!  Froamer DVD
Cart Card
Cart Card 
The Froamer 5 Minute Training DVD Video details the cleaning process for start-up and new hires.
Simplifies & Professionalizes Training
Across Language Barriers