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  TerraGreen ZF Environmental Finish ®
Low-Odor, Zinc-Free, All-Program Finish

  • Green Seal™ Certified – Environmentally Responsible
  • Excellent Durability – Considerably Extends Scrub & Strip Cycle
  • Superior Mark & Scuff Resistance – Greatly Reduces Maintenance Labor
  • Multi-Program Finish – Use in All Floor Care Programs
  • Low Odor – Use 24/7

Green Seal™ Certified – independently proven to be an environmentally responsible finish. High-traffic durability extends stripping cycle. Superior mark and scuff resistance reduces maintenance. For use in all floor care programs. Low odor for 24/7 facilities. Superior gloss. Does not contain heavy metals.

Uses: • All Floor Care Programs• 24-Hour Facilities• Confined Areas

Typical Specifications
Typical Dilution: RTU
Color: Opaque White
Odor: Mild Polymeric
Hlth Rtng (In-Use): 1
Product No. 361001

· 1 Gal/4 (04)
· 2.5 Gal/2 (07)
· 55 Gal (55)

Market Use-Areas:


  Industry Approvals & Conformance

Test Compliance