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  Instant Shine (Aerosol)
Cleaner & Polish

  • Pleasant Lemon Fragrance
  • Versatile – Use on a Wide Variety of Surfaces
  • Repels Dust, Smudges & Fingerprints

Lemon fragranced spray cleans, polishes and protects wood, vinyl upholstery, leather, plastic, ceramic, marble and enameled surfaces as well as stainless steel and chrome. Provides long-lasting beauty – clear, oil-free gloss repels dust, smudges and fingerprints. Net Contents: 19 oz.

Uses: Desks • Furniture • Table Tops • Cabinets • Refrigerators • Vending Machines

Typical Specifications
Typical Dilution: RTU
Color: Milky White
Odor: Lemon
Hlth Rtng (In-Use): 1
Product No. 50IS12

· 20 oz/12 (50)