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  TOPfoam TerraGreen Hand Soap
Green Seal™ Hand Soap

  • Independently Certified Green – Green Seal™ Certified
  • Meets USGBC LEED Criteria for “Use of Hand Soaps” - IEQ Credit 3.3: Green Cleaning—Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials – 1 Point
  • Soft Afterfeel – Includes Aloe and Vitamin E
  • Even Greener – 3 Ways Greener Beyond Just Certified Hand Soap: 1) 50% Packaging Waste Reduction – 50% Less Plastic Compared to Soft Wall Bottle Foam Hand Care Systems, 2) 20 - 50% Waste Stream Reduction – Uses Less Soap per Wash thus Reduces Hand Soap Waste Stream Discharges from 20% (Other Foam Systems) to 50% (Liquid/Gel 800 ml Systems), 3) 20% – 50% Water Usage Reduction – Faster Hand Washing because TOPfoam Disperses Faster, Rinses Easier and Promotes One-Push Hand Washes. 50% Water Saving vs. 800 ml Liquids and 20% vs. Bottom Feeder Foam Systems

TOPfoam TerraGreen Hand Soap is delivered as a precise 0.4 ml foam dollop from the TOPfoam dispenser. Users see and feel the jet stream foam. TOPfoam TerraGreen Hand Soap, used with a TOPfoam dispenser, promotes ONE PUSH hand washings, which reduces soap usage up to 20% dependent on your current system.

Typical Specifications

Working pH: 6.5
Color: Ruby Orange
Odor: Tropical Floral

Product No. 171035

· 1000 mL cartridge/4 (M4)

Market Use-Areas: