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  TerraGreen Kick ®
Green Seal™ Certified Shower, Bowl, Urinal & Restroom Scale Remover

  • Removes Hard Water Scale – Safer than HCl or Phos Acid Cleaners
  • Deactivated Acid – Activates on Contact with Soil
  • Safer Scale Remover – Health Rating of 1 in Use
  • Kicks Soils Like an Acid – Removes Hard Water Scale, Rust & Soap Scum
  • Low Odor – No Harsh Acid Fumes

Green Seal™ Certified hard water scale remover that is safer than HCl or Phos acid cleaners. Unique deactivated acid activates on contact with soil. Safer scale remover with a health rating of 1 in use. Kicks soils like an acid to remove built-up hard water scale, rust, soap scum, mold stains and mildew stains. Worker friendly with a low odor that leaves no harsh acid fumes. Dilutes 3 ways based on soil load.

SCS2 Black Shadow Wall-Mount Dispensing: Fills Buckets & Spray Bottles

Uses: • Sinks • Toilets • Urinals • Water Fountains • Showers • Tubs • Tile • Grout • Glass • Copper • Brass • Fiberglass • Stainless Steel


Typical Specifications
Dilution Range
(product/water): 1:64 - 1:16
Typical Dilution: 1:64
Working pH: <1
Color: Blue-Green
Odor: Citrus/Floral
Hlth Rtng (In-Use): 1
Product No. 191028

· 64 oz SCS2/4 (33)

Market Use-Areas:


  Industry Approvals & Conformance