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  QW® Stain Guard
Matte Gloss Stain Repellent

  • Penetrates Pores of Polished Concrete and Terrazzo
  • Protects Floor from Most Common Stains
  • Provides Even Gloss Appearance
  • Excellent Leveling Properties – Easy to Apply
  • Low Odor / No VOC

QW Stain Guard is a matte gloss stain repellent that penetrates the pores of polished concrete floors. It protects the floor from most common stains while providing an even gloss appearance. Excellent leveling properties make it easy to apply. It is low odor and contains no volatile organic compounds.

Uses: Uses: Apply for stain protection on newly mechanically polished concrete or terrazzo floors. If needed, reapply every 18-24 months.

Training: Jobsite CleanPoint training card available.

Typical Specifications
Typical Dilution: RTU
Working pH: 4.5
Color: Pale Yellow
Odor: Faint Solvent
Hlth Rtng (In-Use): 1
Product No. 141024

· 1 Gal/4 (04)
· 55 Gal (55)

Market Use-Areas: