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  QW® Concrete Densifier
Concrete Hardener and Densifier

  • Penetrates Pores of Polished Concrete
  • Increases Hardness and Durability
  • Excellent Leveling - Easy to Apply
  • Improves Appearance after Burnishing
  • Low Odor / No VOC

QW Concrete Densifier penetrates pores of concrete ranging from troweled to polished concrete. When applied to concrete it hardens and densifies the slab to create a more durable surface. Excellent leveling properties make it easy to apply. Surface may be polished after application.

Uses: Apply to new or old concrete to increase its hardness and durability.

Typical Specifications
Typical Dilution: 1:2 - 1:8
Color: Water White
Odor: No Odor
Hlth Rtng (In-Use): 1
Product No. 141027

· 1 Gal/4 (04)
· 5 Gal (05)

Market Use-Areas: